Soap Making


I’ve been told by numerous people that when it comes to handcrafts, I attempt to wear “too many hats” as I become obsessed with every new idea that’s introduced to me.   About a year ago, one of my colleages from West Career and Technical Academy informed me that she and her husband make soap, as a hobby, and sell it to those who like it.  She gave me a couple of samples of her work and I was “hooked” on the idea of learning this craft and becoming educated in how to make a successful business with it.  Of all the craft shows that I attend, this would be a perfect opportunity to sell my own creations.  As often as possible, I try to watch new YouTube tutorial videos of various artists showcasing their procedures.  I have learned a lot from these videos, and “feel” I can be as successful as anyone else.  Although, at this time, I haven’t yet experiented with basic soapmaking procedures, I plan to begin as soon as I can find a local workshop where I can receive some “hands on” training.  As the days progress, this blog will be dedicated to my soap making attempts and efforts to create a small business.


.© Mary Darby 2016