Snugglicious Quilt (Rag Quilt)

The pattern I’ve chosen for this rag quilt, isn’t a “traditional” rag quilt, as it doesn’t use “blocks.”  Instead, it calls for the the making of “strips.”  In hindsight, I wish I had used a traditional pattern.  I’ve run into a lot of difficulties with this quilt, especially in the measuring of the strips.   The pattern I’m  following is from a local pattern designer called “Melon Patch Designs.”  Since the quilt is for a young man, who will be going off to college in the fall, it was my intent to utilize a “masculine” theme, while patching in representations of some of his “favorites,” the Chicago Bears, Iron Man, Soccer.   While trying to follow the sequence of the strip widths, I am having difficulty with the placement of the fabrics.  I wish, now, I had developed “my own” layout.   In addition, I modified the pattern by adding an additional 14 inches to each of the strips to give the quilt more width so it would cover the size of a dorm room bed. 



.© Mary Darby 2016