Finished Quilting Frame

After waiting for and paying installments on over four months, my new quilting frame was FINALLY delivered to my house today, finished in all its glory, and set up in my loft, which serves as my “crafting/sewing” room!   It is GORGEOUS  — far beyond what I ever expected!  Constructed from the highest quality of walnut wood, Mike (the craftsman) combined his skills as a master furniture maker and creativity to produce a frame that will make me the ENVY of all quilters in Southeastern Missouri!  When Mike and I settled on the plans (size, wood species, stain, varnishing, etc) I had no idea it would be SO LARGE when finally constructed.  Having never seen one in person, I was content with what appeared to be a “standard size” quilting frame from the picture presented by the company which sold the blueprints and hardware.  I instructed Mike that I wanted it big enough to accomadate a KING SIZE quilt, even though most of my quilts are “full size.”   To deliver the frame, Mike had to bring it “unassembled,” and then put it together once in my loft.  I took several video clips of him putting it together, and giving me specific guidelines on setting it up properly, so that I would not FORGET how to do this when I make my move to Missouri.  Mike advised me, if possible, to have my movers load the frame completely assembled for the trip across country, to avoid problems with “warping” while in the truck and improper assembly procedures by people who are unfamiliar with the frame and how it is supposed to work. Hopefully, this will be possible.  However, the frame is SO HUGE that I worry it will not make it down the stairs completely in tact.  I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it!  My next step is to sew the “leader fabric” onto each of the three roller bars.  This fabric enables the quilter to “lead” her quilt top, and bottom, over the rollers so that they can be easing adjusted as sewing begins.  I plan to purchase a held held sewing machine, from Joannes, just as soon as they go on sale.  The blueprints, that were ordered from Hinterburg, gives instructions on how to attach these leaders.  I’m also “a bit” worried that since it takes up so much room in the loft, it will pose a negative response to “would be” buyers who come to look at my home, making the loft appear “smaller” than its actual size.  I knew the frame would be big, taking up an entire wall in my loft, but it actually turned out about three feet longer than originally anticipated. Ah, well!!!  It’s gorgeous, nonetheless, and once settled in Missouri, it will be placed in the basement providing many hours of creative quilting!

Mike informed me that he makes many furiture pieces and is able to ship them to buyers all over the world.  When I can afford it, I want him to make a prei-dieu for my new home in Missouri.

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