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Previous Quilts

In this post, I would like to share some of my past quilting projects.  This is BY FAR not all of them, as many have been given away before pictures could be taken, OR are still in my “work in progress” closet, waiting for finishing touches.

IMG 0175

Above is a baby quilt I made while attending a foundation paper piecing class, with Carol Doak, at Quiltique, in Henderson, NV. I used it as a wall hanging in my office at West Career and Technical Academy.

The 13 photos below are of the quilt I made for Fr. John Assalone, of St. Francis of Assisi, as a gift for the anniversary of his ordination.  Most of the blocks are embroidered, each depicting a theme in Fr. John’s life.  Some of the other blocks are paper pieced.  With the exception of the block backgrounds, 100% of this quilt was made from Kansas Troubles fabrics.  

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The five photos below are of a quilt I made for a little girl at St. Viator’s who was celebrating her 1st Communion.  It’s one of the most simple patterns I’ve worked with, yet so striking when using a fabrics from a specific line.  Each of the center blocks in the four squares depict part of the school’s motto at St. Viator Elementary School:  Act justly, love tenderly, and walk humble with God.

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The three photos below show a “Christmas” themed quilt, which I made for my mother just a few weeks before me made our very first visit to New York City to celebrate the holiday season.  This very simple design is what is referred to as a “rail fence” quilt, made of strips of various Christmas fabrics I had been collecting from the quilt shops in Las Vegas.  The quilt traveled with us to and from New York and gave our hotel room a “touch of home” on those cold, snowy nights.

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Below, is a quilt gave to my aunt as an anniversary gift.  When I first started this quilt, it was “intended” to be a baby quilt, consisting of only the four bear claw blocks in the center.  For “some reason” I wanted to use Asian themed fabric, as opposed to baby fabric.  As I completed the center blocks, it dawned on me that with its vibrant colors, this quilt belongs on a regular size bed and I began to add borders, including one very wide band of “piano kets” made of strips of Asian fabrics.  Shown in the photos are me and my mom.

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