For many years, I have been making Rosaries.  This interest began quite a while ago when I teaching the 7th grade regligious education class at St. Viator’s.  I discovered a most inspiring website, called The Rosary Workshop, where all Rosaries were handmade by a guild which strives to make “museum inspired,” one of a kind, Rosaries.   After viewing these outsanding pieces of art, I was HOOKED, and became determined to create my own designs with the intent of using rare beads, precious stones, and antiquated findings.  I studied the structure of each Rosary displayed on the website and visited a local bead store in Las Vegas, East West Imports, and the owner taught me how to make a cable style Rosary using Beadalon wire.  I made a “one-of-a kind” Rosary for each of the students in my class, and presented them on the last day of the term.  The students were thrilled, as each had a unique treasure and heirloom.  Since then, I have made Rosaries for special friends, celebrating milestones in their lives.   I even “sold” one to a parent whose daughter was about to be confirmed.  Over the years, my Rosaries have changed in style, according to the materials that are available to me.   A couple of years ago, I began making chain linked Rosaries, which are also very beautiful adding a new dimension to my craft.  

IMG 0745

Above, is a Rosary I made for my dear friend, Alex.  The Pater beads are made of genuine Amazonite, a form of “feldspar” which, according to legend, contains “soothing” properties offering confidence and hope to the person possessing it.  The Ave Maria beads are made from genuine Blue Agate, which is said to “discern truth.”  Its properties assist people with accepting circumstances of life and is said to be a powerful “healer” of emotional distresses.   The centerpiece is a St. Nicholas medal, made of sterling silver.   The Crucifix I chose for this Rosary is called “The Pardon Crucifix.”  One of the Catholic Church’s most cherished devotions, the Pardon Crucifix bears the words, “Father, forgive them,” and “Behold this heart which has so loved man.”  It serves as an instrument of pardon to all who carry it or wear it, offering indulgences to those who are truly sorry for their sins.  It is also made of sterling silver.  This is the MOST SPECIAL of all Rosaries I have ever made, as each of the materials were carefully selected for a very dear friend, who was experiencing some major challenges in her life at that time.  


.© Mary Darby 2016