Previous Rosaries Made Over the Years

Since I just started blogging, I want to share some of the Rosaries that I have made in the past.  Not all of them can be shared, as many have been given away.  Each is unique in it’s own way.  Depending on materials used, they all vary according to value.  Those made with genuine gemstones (rhodocrosite, onyx, jade, jasper, agate, etc.,) and sterling silver centers, crucifixes, and findings, can be worth anywhere from $300 to $400, while those made with Czech glass beads, pewter and basemetal parts, were more cost efficent to make at $25 to $30.  I have also made some using Swarovski crystals, but none are shown in this post. 

The Rosary shown below is shorter in length than my typical pieces, and it is constructed by using the “cable” method, meaning that each bead is individually “strung” onto one wire.  For the Ave Maria beads, I used 6mm sodalite cubed stones.   This gemstone makes up into a stunning Rosary, and is one appreciated by both men and women.  The Our Father beads are made of 8mm pewter filigree balls.  The Crucifix and centerpiece (The Immaculate Heart of Mary) is made of pewter.  This Rosary would sell at around $30.


The Rosary in the three photos below is my own Rosary that I carry at all times in my purse.  It is what I use when going to mass and visiting the chapel for quiet vigils.  I designed it intentionally to have an atiquated, or “old world” style.  Unlike the “cable method” of construction, this Rosary was made using “chain links” between each bead.  The Ave Maria beads AND the Our Father beads are BOTH are made of a deep colored indigo Czech glass.  Although the picture doesn’t do it justice, when in the sunlight, these beads are almost a “cornflower” blue.  To give distinction between the Ave and Our Father beads I used bead caps made of oxidized bronze, which is a very inexpensive metal and used by many Rosary makers.  The Crucifix and the center (Miraculous Medal) are also made of oxidized bronze.  It cost me in the neighborhood of $20 - $25 to make this Rosary.  I love it and get many compliments on it!

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The photos below show some of my VERY FIRST Rosaries.  I was still learning and experimenting with different types of beads, findings, and metals.  Most of these are made with various colors of Czech glass for the Ave beads, and some I have used beautiful lampwork beads, with pink roses in the center, as Our Father beads.  The Ave beads are all 8mm, either round or oval, and the Our Father beads are 10mm beads, or another style that complements the totality of the design.

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