Peach Moonstone

I completed this Rosary for a friend of mine (and also my manicurist), Renee, who I sponsored for her confirmation several years ago.  For years she has always admired my Rosaries and last month “hinted” that in all of this time, I never made one for her.  Of course, this told me immediately what I could give her for Christmas. The Ave Maria beads on this Rosary are made from stunning peach moonstone, which is believed to promote inspiration, love, and deep meditation to those who possess it.  The Pater beads are made from Botsowana Agate, which has always been an intriguing stone to me, with its gentle layers of pink, brown, and gray.  This soft, warm stone invokes feelings of psychological well being and inner security for guiding those in possession of it to overcome depression and fears, allowing God to take complete control of thier lives.  The crucifix and centerpiece are both made of antique bronze, giving this Rosary an “old world” charm.    Renee has a deep appreciation for items of antiquity and she was as thrilled to receive this gift, as I was to present it to her.   I was so touched by the beauty of this piece, I have decided to make another quite similar for myself.  As stated earlier in my blog, no two Rosaries I make are EVER identical; my future one will bear Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of my favorite devotions, as the centerpiece, and some variation on the sizes of beads.  It will take me some time to collect the parts, as financially I cannot buy them in one month’s time.  I hope to have it finished before I move away from Las Vegas so that my parish priest, Fr. John, can bless it.   The materials used to make this Rosary were approximately $80.00.





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