Finished New Rosary This Morning

Below are some photos of a new Rosary I completed this evening.  It is a bit “shorter” than most of my Rosaries, as it doesn’t have a lot of “embellishment” beads between the decades.  Made with bronze findings, red bronze center, and red bronze Crucifix, this piece was made with the intent of an “antique” or vintage effect.   The Ave beads are 8mm. faceted, dyed agate, and the Pater beads are made from 10mm faceted, grade “A,” black onyx.   Each Pater bead is adorned with bronze, filigree bead caps, which add to its antique finish.   Ideal for man or woman, this Rosary is a perfect fit for one embracing the traditions of a vintage world.  Roughly, this Rosary cost me in the neighborhood of $35.00 to make. 

IMG 2837

IMG 2835

IMG 2833
IMG 2830

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