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Some Additional Pieces

After I decided to sell my house and move to the midwest, I started packing up all of my things and storing them in the garage in boxes so that I want be so “bombarded” when the big day comes.  Included in these packings are my quilting fabrics, patterns, tools, and all of my BEADING SUPPLIES, along with other Rosaries.  Last night, without messing up “too much” of my packing, I managed to pull out my beading cases and found some additional Rosaries I would like to share.  Unexpectedly, I was “bitten” again by the “beading bug” and I started to make another Rosary with some lovely Agate, which was I managed to get at a bargain price.  

Below, is “another” Rosary I made of Sodalite (R-10).  I absolutely love this stone and regardless of the metals that are used with it, the result is stunning.  The 8mm beads are round and faceted, and I used the exact same stones for the Ave Maria and Pater beads.  The Pater beads are adorned with silver base metal castings to set them apart from the Ave Maria beads.  The centerpiece and Crucifix are made from an inexpensive base metal, and I used the chain link the construction method.  This Rosary cost me in the neighborhood of $45 to make.

IMG 2769
IMG 2784

Below (R-11), is a Rosary made with dark turquiose Czech glass beads, using the chain link construction method.  The Ave Maria beads are made of Czech glass, and the Pater beads are made from a very lightweight, metal beads with hearts on each side.  The Crucifix and centerpiece are, one I commonly use on less expensive Rosaries, and is made of base metal.  This Rosary cost me $25 to make.

IMG 2776
IMG 2780

Below, (R-12) is a Rosary of similar construction as  the one above.  The beads are all made of light green Czeck glass; both Ave Maria and Pater beads are the same, with ornate bead caps surrounding the Pater beads.  Due to the additional beadwork in between each decade, this Rosary hangs a bit longer than the average.  The Crucifix is made of pewter, and the centerpiece is base metal.  This Rosary cost me about $25 to make.

IMG 2773

Below (R-13) is a Rosary I made using dyed Agate.  This is one of my favorite pieces, as the green and purple color combination in the stones give it a truly unique appearance.  These Agate beads are of a higher grade than others I have used and, like with some of my other Rosaries, the Pater and Ave Maria beads are the same, with additional embellishment on the Pater beads.  The Pater beads are surrounded by two “Tierra Cast” jasmine bead caps.  They are not sterling silver, but are nickel, which gives it a richer appearance than base metal.  Each Pater bead is also accompanied by a small, 4mm Black Onyz bead on each side.  The Crucifix and centerpiece are made of a high quality pewter.  This Rosary is worth about $50.00.

IMG 2793
IMG 2796

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