First Post

Although I don’t do a lot of crochet and knitting, every once in a while I get motivated to create some items in the way of “gifts” during the Fall of the year.  I am not “accomplished” in either craft, however I have learned “some” stitches and patterns, which I tend to take advantage of when creating projects.  I’m afraid that the extent of my experience lies only in scarves, shawls, baby blankets, afghans, and dishtowls . . .  and I’m more experienced at crochet than I am knitting.  In time, my goal is to learn to make beautiful sweaters, that can be worn with pride, hats, vests, ponchos, and socks, all utilizing a variety of newly learned stitches and patterns.  Both of my grandmothers crocheted, and I grew up receiving adorable house slippers, scarves and hats from my maternal grandma.  My paternal grandmother made a stunning, classic Granny Square afghan, which was given to my mother when I was a baby.  As early as I can remember, that afghan hung on the back of our sofa well into my college days.   On those VERY RARE occasions, when my mother let me stay home from school to recover from a cold or flu, I remember cuddling up on the sofa, covering myself with those gorgeous, popping vibrant colors set aganst a black background.   I have learned to make Granny Squares, but I need much more practice making them as perfect as Grandma’s.  Once accomplished, my goal is to replicate this same work of art, with the precise accuracy and symmetric stitches.  This blog is to showcase some of the projects that I work on, and to share my responses to new and exciting trends in the world of crochet and knitting!

.© Mary Darby 2016