Granny Square Scarf

I finally completed my Granny Square Scarf, made with “traditional” multicolored Granny Squares.  Each square consists of six rounds of shell stitches.  Although pleased with the results, I believe that my next project will have “at least” eight rounds.  I faced quite a dilemma on how to “connect” each of my squares.  My goal was to make this scarf resemble, as much as possible, a traditional Granny Square afghan using multicolored squares set in a solid black background, and I wanted to use the same connecting method I plan to use when finishing my future afghan.  I searched for many different tutorials on You Tube and found methods, such as the slip stitch, the single crochet, the whip stitch, and the granny stitch.  Of these methods, I preferred  the “granny stitch,” but had difficulty understanding the video tutorial.  For this project, I settled on the “single crochet” method and was “satisfied,” although it left a seam on the back side of each connection, which I wanted to avoid.  For my next scarf, and for my future afghan, I will research this method more in depth and spend some time practicing.  If I were to sell this scarf, I would charge $100.00 up front, and be willing to accept a “best offer.”

IMG 0003

IMG 0004

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