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Granny Square Afghan

After making my half granny square shawl, out of Boboli Lace, “Grapevines,” I decided to make one more item using the same yarn, since my mother fell in love with my shawl and claimed it on her own!   I absolutely ADORE this yarn, both the texture and colors!  One thing is for certain, this new afghan will be MINE!  Since its been several years since I actually made granny squares, I had to search You Tube for a tutorial, which demonstrated a technique that I am “somewhat” familiar with.  I finally found one, created by “Crochet Hooks You,” and have shared the video below:

As opposed to the traditional Granny Square Afghan, using numerous 4 x 4, multicolored squares set in a black background, I will be one, continuous square until the afghan reaches the size I want, or I run out of yarn (whichever comes first).  Because I only purchased four skeins of this yarn, I will need to order more from online vendors.  Hopefully the dye lots will match

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