Crochet and Knitting;  Introduction

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Granny Square Afghan (Work in Progress)

For several nights, I have been making 4-round, Granny Square blocks to be used in in a traditional afghan.  I try to complete 2-3 squares each day, depending on my time.  Once completed, they will be connected with BLACK yarn.  I have been using a combination of Berroco Vintage, and Universal Uptown worsted yarns, half acrylic and half wool.  For these squares, I used only ONE single crochet in the corner rounds, whereas I “have been” doing “two” single crochets in the corners.  I “think” I’m preferring the “one” SC, as it makes for a prettier block.  Below, is a sample of some of the blocks I have made:

IMG 2990

Blog 5

Granny Square Scarf

I finally completed my Granny Square Scarf, made with “traditional” multicolored Granny Squares.  Each square consists of six rounds of shell stitches.  Although pleased with the results, I believe that my next project will have “at least” eight rounds.  I faced quite a dilemma on how to “connect” each of my squares.  My goal was to make this scarf resemble, as much as possible, a traditional Granny Square afghan using multicolored squares set in a solid black background, and I wanted to use the same connecting method I plan to use when finishing my future afghan.  I searched for many different tutorials on You Tube and found methods, such as the slip stitch, the single crochet, the whip stitch, and the granny stitch.  Of these methods, I preferred  the “granny stitch,” but had difficulty understanding the video tutorial.  For this project, I settled on the “single crochet” method and was “satisfied,” although it left a seam on the back side of each connection, which I wanted to avoid.  For my next scarf, and for my future afghan, I will research this method more in depth and spend some time practicing.  If I were to sell this scarf, I would charge $100.00 up front, and be willing to accept a “best offer.”

IMG 0003

IMG 0004

Blog 4

2nd Ma Ingalls Shawl

I began crocheting another Ma Ingalls Shawl just a couple of days after finishing the first one, and i just finished it a couple of hours ago.  Using the same Boboli Lace, but in a different color way, it turned out as beautiful as the first.  Since my mother “claimed” the first one as her own, this one is definitely MINE.   I plan to make up a few more between now and Christmas as gifts for family members.   Below are some pictures, including one with my “fashionista” mom modeling the new shawl:

IMG 2937
IMG 2939

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Granny Square Afghan

After making my half granny square shawl, out of Boboli Lace, “Grapevines,” I decided to make one more item using the same yarn, since my mother fell in love with my shawl and claimed it on her own!   I absolutely ADORE this yarn, both the texture and colors!  One thing is for certain, this new afghan will be MINE!  Since its been several years since I actually made granny squares, I had to search You Tube for a tutorial, which demonstrated a technique that I am “somewhat” familiar with.  I finally found one, created by “Crochet Hooks You,” and have shared the video below:

As opposed to the traditional Granny Square Afghan, using numerous 4 x 4, multicolored squares set in a black background, I will be one, continuous square until the afghan reaches the size I want, or I run out of yarn (whichever comes first).  Because I only purchased four skeins of this yarn, I will need to order more from online vendors.  Hopefully the dye lots will match

Blog 2

Ma Ingalls Shawl; Half Granny Square Crochet

I completed the shawl I started last week and I am thrilled with the results.  Boboli Lace is one of the nicest yarn lines I have ever worked with, as it is soft and lightweight in texture and creates some stunning pieces.  It is comprised of 42% wool, 35% acrylic, and 23% viscose.   The pattern used is one I found on YouTube and modeled after a shawl worn by “Caroline Ingalls” of Little House on the Prairie, and is basically “one half” of a HUGE Granny Square.  After making this shawl, I have decided to make up a few more of them for Christmas gifts, to be ready in December.  Although I made the shawl for myself, after seeing it, my mother fell in love with it, so I gave it to her.  I used her as a “model” in the photos below.  Now that it’s finished, I will start another one, for MYSELF, also made of Boboli Lace but of a different color scheme.  

IMG 2924
IMG 2926

IMG 2927

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New Yarn

While browsing around at Sin City Knit Shop (Las Vegas) today, I discovered a a brand new color scheme of yarn from the Borocco Boboli Lace collection, “Grapevines.”  It is just stunning, and with it’s shimmering gray, within the color verigation, it looks like silver streaks mixed in with burgandy, yellow and pink.  I bought four skeins of it and decided to make myself a new shawl, for the upcoming autumn season.

IMG 2931

First Post

Although I don’t do a lot of crochet and knitting, every once in a while I get motivated to create some items in the way of “gifts” during the Fall of the year.  I am not “accomplished” in either craft, however I have learned “some” stitches and patterns, which I tend to take advantage of when creating projects.  I’m afraid that the extent of my experience lies only in scarves, shawls, baby blankets, afghans, and dishtowls . . .  and I’m more experienced at crochet than I am knitting.  In time, my goal is to learn to make beautiful sweaters, that can be worn with pride, hats, vests, ponchos, and socks, all utilizing a variety of newly learned stitches and patterns.  Both of my grandmothers crocheted, and I grew up receiving adorable house slippers, scarves and hats from my maternal grandma.  My paternal grandmother made a stunning, classic Granny Square afghan, which was given to my mother when I was a baby.  As early as I can remember, that afghan hung on the back of our sofa well into my college days.   On those VERY RARE occasions, when my mother let me stay home from school to recover from a cold or flu, I remember cuddling up on the sofa, covering myself with those gorgeous, popping vibrant colors set aganst a black background.   I have learned to make Granny Squares, but I need much more practice making them as perfect as Grandma’s.  Once accomplished, my goal is to replicate this same work of art, with the precise accuracy and symmetric stitches.  This blog is to showcase some of the projects that I work on, and to share my responses to new and exciting trends in the world of crochet and knitting!

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