Election 2016

Election 2016

The presidential election of 2016 has presented the most spiritual challenges that I’ve ever encountered!   Over the past four years, I have sat by “cringing” at every liberal left move that was made, countering the conservative ideology I hold so dear; funding of Planned Parenthood, attack on religious liberties, open borders giving way to human trafficking, same sex marriage issues, etc.  Throughout these years, I have been praying that God will send us a leader who will restore our nation to a focus on personal liberties, outlined in our great United States Constitution.   My prayer was answered, as we were sent Texas Senator, Ted Cruz!   What a man of principle, honor, and integrity!   In all of my years of voting, I have never felt more excited, and privileged  to stand with such a man, who I regard as not only an American hero, but one I regarded as a true disciple of Christ!  


Tragically, the people of my party decided to back a candidate who was “new” to politics and had no apparent stains of “political" corruption on his hands.  Little did they know, or even care, that Mr. Donald Trump’s life has been embedded in business and personal corruption.  I was devastated!  When the primaries started, I took it upon myself to research the background of each candidate, even though I was firmly grounded in my selection of Ted Cruz.  No candidate running could compare with the “worldliness" and tainted lifestyle that was discovered in my research on Donald Trump!  Not only has this man led a past life representing the antithesis of what we are called to lead by our Lord and Savior, he has openly demonstrated that conservatism is no more engrained in his heart than it is in his Democrat opposition.   As a Republican, I have ALWAYS voted for the presidential candidate my party nominates, even though he/she might not have been my preferred choice.  As a matter of fact, over all the years I’ve been voting, my preferred candidate has “never” won the party nomination.  Still, knowing the importance of filling the presidential office with a conservative, is more important than making a “stubborn” stand, which reduces the chances of a Republican victory.  However, “this” presidential election has been “infamous,” to say the least!  Not only is this man void of morals, I have found him to be inflated with numerous personal flaws, which seriously leads me to question is mental stability and suitability for public office.  Throughout this campaign he has exuded such an atrocious personality; vile and hateful remarks aimed at those in opposition to him, profanity on the campaign trail, blatent lies against his opposition, outrageous accusations to camoflauge his own shortcomings, etc., all making  him unfit to be representing our nation in my eyes.  I conceded many months ago that, if this man is nominated, I will not - cannot support him.  Today, I stand firmly behind this position, as I proceed to the polls and select, “none of the above!"


My decision has resulted in many heated, and sometimes anger-filled conversations amongst my Republican family and friends, who have accused me of “handing my vote over to Hillary Clinton,” or “not supporting Republican principles.”  After the primaries, many Ted Cruz supporting conservatives have chosen to board the ever popular “Trump Train” as they have convinced themselves that he will advocate for our party principles “better” than any Democrat.  My response is that the man “is” a Democrat, philosophically, so why would I give him my vote when I object to him so vehemently!  More times than not, these conversations get out of hand and I feel ashamed of myself afterwards, as I know I have failed to allow the Holy Spirit to control my heart while interacting with these other children of God, who feel the same fervency in their decisions as I do mine. The truth of the matter is that “I understand” exactly what their rationale is!   If Hillary Clinton wins this election, she will be making new Supreme Court nominations, all liberal, which will almost annihilate any conservative representation on the bench.  YES, I GET IT -  but I also am not going to ignore the "handwriting on the wall” suggesting that there is no real guarantee that, once in office, Donald Trump will fill the court with conservative justices, as he has promised to do so!   During this election year, this man has “flip flopped” on almost every position he has taken since announcing his candidacy, and the bottom line is, I DONT TRUST A WORD HE SAYS!!!!  As ashamed as I am to admit this, I have lately been considering the notion of casting my vote for Hillary Clinton!   Yes, she is the antithesis of everything I believe in, and I will NEVER get past what she allowed to take place in Benghazi, all to generate  a political facade for the Obama Administration.   However, after weighing the pros and cons of these two candidates “as people,” Hillary Clinton is FAR MORE mentally stable to be involved with foreign policy, and has a more rational temperament to be making decisions involving war.  What it all boils down to, I am SCARED TO DEATH of a Donald Trump administration, more so than I am of one led by Hillary Clinton!


Just recently, one of my Facebook friends shared a writing, by Jason Foster, which had an interesting effect on “my" perspective of this election.  Although it was directed toward those people who have chosen to support Donald Trump, it sent a distinct message to “me” as I proceed with my discernment, through Election Day:

   Why do you trust Trump more than you trust God?

~Jason Foster, 
Christian journalist/columnist

No matter who wins the election, fear shouldn’t be a factor for Christians.

Dear fellow Christians who still support Donald Trump,
You have a love affair with fear. I don’t know any other way to say it.
You’re scared, and your fear has become stronger than your faith. I’m sure you’ll say your faith is strong, but your own words, actions and social media memes have outed you many times over.
You’re scared of Hillary Clinton, scared of liberal court justices, scared of immigrants, scared of Muslims, scared of (fill in the blank).
Whether you realize it or not, whether you admit it or not, all your rationalizing is rooted in fear.
Fear is the only explanation, the only excuse, for why 65 percent of white evangelicals are still on the Trump Train. After all we’ve seen and heard from Trump — the insults, the profanity, the bragging about sexual assault — fear is the only thing strong enough to keep you loyal to someone who has shown over and over again that he’s the antithesis of Christian values.
I just don’t understand why you’re so afraid.
No matter who wins the election, fear shouldn’t be a factor for Christians. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood. I know you know this, which is why the situation is so perplexing.
I don’t understand how you hear the dozens of “fear not” verses in the Bible and think, Nope. Doesn’t apply here.
I don’t understand how you read “be anxious about nothing” and think, Nope. Gotta be anxious about the Supreme Court.
I don’t understand how you acknowledge “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” but say, Nope. Can’t handle a Hillary presidency.
I don’t understand how you see, hear and read all that Trump is and still think, He’ll fight for my interests.
Yes, fear has to be the reason. (Otherwise, to support Trump would have to mean you agree with his sexist, prejudiced, anger-based, un-Christlike worldview. If that’s the case, to be blunt, it’s hard to believe your faith is genuine.)
But your fear can’t be justified Scripturally, so help me understand your thinking.
Why do you think fear-based motivation is acceptable for Christians?
Why don’t you trust in the sovereignty of God?
Why do you trust Trump more than you trust God?
Why do you trust Trump at all?
Why do you believe Trump will be a friend to Christians?
Why does your love of country seem greater than your love of Jesus?
Why do you put your hope in the Supreme Court?
Why you need comfort to live out your faith?
Why do these kinds of questions always put you on the defensive?
For Christians, fear has been defeated. God won’t be taken aback by what happens Nov. 8. Nothing about God will change whether Trump or Clinton is elected. Nothing about us should change, either.
We live with hope, no matter what.
This is usually when the question comes up: So what are we supposed to do?
As I’ve written before, we vote based on our convictions, which should be based on the totality of Scripture. We remain faithful to what we believe — all of it — and let God handle the rest.
To paraphrase a recent sermon I heard: No matter the outcome of any situation, for believers, faithfulness is never failure.
Fear is a powerful thing, but faith overcomes fear.
Yes, we’ll have troubles in this world. Thankfully, Christ has overcome the world.
Rest in this peace — and fear not.

Regardless of how I choose to cast my vote on November 8th, I will enter the polls armed with the breastplate of Christ and will “vote my conscience” without fear!

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.© Mary Darby 2016