Off to View the Market

(4/4/2017)  With the sale of my home well behind me, I am paving the path for my next big journey in life.  Last week, I made flight, hotel, and car rental reservations for April 8th through the 13th, to visit Cape Girardeau and seriously pursue the sale of a new home.  Through and, I have narrowed down seven properties that I am seriously considering.  Doris Jean has contacted the listing realtors of these properties and has arranged for a viewing.  Three are in Jackson and the others are in Cape Girardeau.

The photo above, shows the house I’m most interested in.  1918 Valley View, in Cape Girardeau.  It sits on a 1.0 acre lot, has a beautiful finished basement and a glorious sunroom, which I would love.  Doris Jean is very worried about the driveway, as she feels it would be dangerous in the winter with all the snow and ice.  The price is good and the listing realtor is almost sure they will take $10,000 less, as it has been listed on t he market for quite a long time.

The photo above, 23 Pinewood, is priced just below my budget and is gorgeous, from the picture.  My Uncle Gary, Doris Jean’s husband, doesn’t like this house because the backyard has too many rolling hills and he feels it would be a disaster for me to maintain.  He may be right, but I want to see for myself.  I’m looking forward to seeing it.

The house in the above photo is 505 Oakhill Rd. and it’s in Jackson.  I fell in love with this house be just viewing the elevation, as it reminded me of an old Victorian style house.  However, after the interior photos the kitchen seems a bit small and the stairwell is off in a dark corner, which I found unappealing.  The price of this home is just perfect for my budget, and it sits on a half acre lot, which I love!

The house in the photo above is at 1029 S. Shawnee and is in Jackson.  I don’t know what drew me to this house more; those beautiful leaves in the driveway, or the enormous sized lot.  It’s quite a bit over my budget, but I could “probably” handle it if I tighten my belt a bit.  It has a HUGE, finished basement, and four bedrooms.

The house above, 628 Francis in Jackson, ispriced $2000 below my budget would be PERFECT for me!   Four huge bedrooms, a finished basement, and a 2.2 acre lot.  My concern with this property is that I can’t seem to get the listing realtor to raeturn any of my messages.  I’m going to have to leave it all up to Doris Jean, but I wanted to take a lot of the responsibility off her shoulders during this short time I will be in Cape.

The house above, 3812 Scenic Drive, isn’t really one of my favorites, but it “is” one of the few that are in Cape Girardeau and I’ve agreed to walk through it to see if it appeals to me.

The house in the picture above, is at 1570 Saratoga Street, and is in Cape Girardeau.  The interior is quite beautiful, and I know, for a fact, the house was built with the highest quality; my uncle built this house in the late 90’s.  A few drawbacks; the lot is only .25 acre, the basement isn’t finished, and it’s OVER my budget.  

I leave in a few short days and I can’t be sure “any” of these homes will actually be the best choice for me.  Chances are I will have to wait until a later part of the year and make another trip when the market can show me more, according to my expectations.  It will be a glorious time to visit; the springtime, when flowers are blooming, the trees are filling out, and the air is cool and crisp!

.© Mary Darby 2016