Cleaning Day

(3/4/2017) Today is my final visit to 9120 Manalang Rd., and will be met with many mixed emotions.  How proud Mom and I were 13 years ago when the sale closed and I moved in!  Together, we spent many joyful hours carefully picking out paint colors, drapery swatches,  and furniture styles to give the house a sense of inviting warmth, truly turning it into a home!  Now, with the exception of cobwebs in the wall corners, and dust bunnies dancing around on the tile floor, the house is barren and for the first time in my life, looks bleak and dismal.   After saying “goodbye” to many happy memories and fulfilled dreams, Mom and I will spend the day committed to the broom and mop, making a clean and welcome environment for the new inhabitants.  May they love the house as i did, living up to the pride of ownership.


.© Mary Darby 2016