Buying Trip; Day 4

(4/11/2017)  I met the home inspector at the newly purchased home early this morning, accompanying him as he took extensive notes and pointing out some “wear and tear” on the home, that I might want to have the sellers address before the closing date, which we set to be at the end of May.  For the most part, there were no major issues that required immediate attention, and the home was deemed “safe” for move in.  

For the remainder of the day, I spent time driving around the Cape Girardeau area becoming familiar with the surroundings that will soon be my new home.  I spent a good hour, or so, walking along the banks of the Mississippi River while mentally going over my next plans in the upcoming weeks approach.  After Easter, I will be fulfilling a commitment to Estes McDoniel Elementary School, in Henderson, filling in for their guidance counselor who is on maternity leave.  Within this time, I must make arrangements to hire a cross-country moving company to move my belongs, sell my truck, make travel arrangements “back” to Cape Girardeau for both my mom and I, and coordinate a smooth transition of myself and my belongings.  It won’t be an easy task, but one that I will need to handle with confidence and peace of mind.

I fly back to Las Vegas tomorrow, so ending my “Buying Trip” in search of a new dwelling . .  a home!   Job, well done!!

.© Mary Darby 2016