Buying Trip; Day 3

(4/10/2017)  Doris Jean and I met this morning at 1570 Saratoga St., and were welcomed by its current owner, Mr. Ken Lipps, who commenced to tell us of the superior construstion of the home, yielding he and his wife many years of maintenance free living.  He seemed to hold great pride in the pleasure of owning a “Gary Arnold” design, and assured us that the home’s structure was stable.  We began walking through the home and was IMMEDIATELY impressed with its immaculate cleanliness and well-preserved original fixtures; wood floors, carpet, walls, kitchen appliances, etc.  Of all the houses that I had viewed during my buying trip, this was the ONLY property that actually “made sense” for a single woman, living on a teacher’s pension.  Although the interior paint colors and carpet selection doesn’t really comply with my own tastes, their installation and  current condition is nearly flawless, and are neutral enough to work well with all of my furnishings.  One of the best features of the home is its unique floorplan!  Designed exclusively by my cousin Gary, there is not a house standing in this world that remotely resembles it.  Whereas most homes today are being built with the “open floorplan concept,” this is quite the contrary!  Each room on the bottom floor is “closed off,” as homes were built in the early 20th century, which I adore!   The house is not perfect; the master bedroom and master bath is quite a bit smaller than what I’m used to living in.  Still, in my preparation to “downsize” my living area, it would have to be a sacrifice I would be willing to make.  Requiring no renovations and serious repairs, I concluded that this house, being completely “move-in ready” was the most logical choice for me!   I directed Doris Jean to get started on making the offer and we began all the routine paperwork with the bank.  I offered full price for the home, even though it was $15,000 over my budget, asking that the seller pay $5,000 on my initial home warrantee.

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The buyers accepted my offer and, after routine real estate details, the property was placed on “pending” status.  Doris Jean arranged for the home inspection to take place tomorrow morning, and advised me to be present while it was taking place.  Later in the day, I drove over to a local Farmer’s insurance agency and applied for a new homeowner’s policy on the new house.  I cannot even describe the thrill and relief in my heart knowing that I made such a wise purchase, without settling for a “lemon” and staying withing budget that will be comfortable for me as I begin my life in rural Missouri.

.© Mary Darby 2016