Buying Trip; Day 1

(04/08/2017)  With excitement in my heart, I flew in to St. Louis this afternoon, rented a car, and drove down to Cape Girardeau with the highest expectations of buying the “perfect” house.   Little did I consider that professional photography has a way of making an average home look a hundred times more appealing than it actually is!  Doris Jean had informed me before my departure that two of the homes on my priority list had recently sold, which was making me quite nervous.  I got checked into my hotel and Doris Jean came to pick me up for our first tours of some of the homes on my list.  Although I previously told Doris Jean that I “absolutely” wanted the a house on Valley View drive, I began to consider another property in Jackson that I felt might give me more value for my money.  Its on a 2.2 acre lot and is listed below my budget.  I asked Doris Jean to take me to this location first.  

house on francis in jackson

Ick!  What a WRECK!  As appealing as this house is from the curb, the interior leaves much to be desired!  The banister wobbles, the wood floors look like they’ve been beaten with chains, there are holes and dents in the drywall, and the kitchen — GEEZ, LOUISE!!!  — desperately needs a facelift!   This perfectly priced home would cost me in the neighborhood of $20,000 in renovations, which I wouldn’t be able to save until 3-4 years down the road.  With all the money I’d need to spend on “anti-depressants” to help me survive in such a dwelling, I’m afraid I’d never come out ahead!   Crossed off my list — END OF STORY — On to the next property!

house on VALLEY VIEW

Doris Jean drove me to the house on Valley View, that I have been seriously considering for several weeks.  She made an appointment for me to view this house tomorrow morning, but we drove by to get a sneak preview.  As Doris Jean warned previously, the driveway was EXTREMELY steep and we proceeded to drive to the top, in front of the garage.  Sadly, this experience gave me a tremendously uncomfortable feeling and I knew instantly that I would never be able to live here!  However, out of courtesy to the listing realtor, I decided to keep my appointment for tomorrow morning and view the inside of the house.  

.© Mary Darby 2016