Missouri Bound

Meeting John Sullivan

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John Sullivan met my mom and I at her house this morning, and what an impression he made on the both of us!  A young, professionally dressed man, close to 30 years old, exuding a perfect balance of personal “charm” and complete command on his real estate knowledge, John made us both feel a great sense of “burden” lifted out of our hands and onto his shoulders.  I have no doubt in my mind, that John “will” sell my home, and quite soon at that!  Having previously toured my property, he already has numerous strategies outlined in his mind and knows exactly where to start.  After discussing a reasonable listing price, he confidently suggested $310,000, which is quite a bit more than i expected, having remained a “stale” listing on the MLS for close to a year.  Unfortunately, he wanted to list to list it at $10,000 more but, due to its length of time on the market, knew it would never yield as much.  My previous listing with Ron Ruthe will be up “tomorrow,” I believe and we went ahead with the paperwork to officially make John my listing agent!

Time For a New Realtor

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(12/11/2016) The latest interaction with my house sale has left me beyond depressed and discouraged!  I’m afraid that the longer my home stays on the market, its value will be so low that I will have to try again after a year of being off market.  When I changed realtor’s a couple of months ago, my mom and I both received numerous calls from realtors who wanted to relist the house.  Of course I had already chosen the realtor I wanted to represent me, so it was easy for us to “politely” dismiss each of their sales pitches.  There was one, however, who stood out in my mind.  My mother actually spoke with him.  He informed her that he had been inside my house during a previous listing period,  and viewed the listing on the MLS, and had no trouble telling her that the strategies used by the realtor to market my home were ineffective.  He FIRMLY believed that he could sell my house in less than a few weeks and offered his services as a realtor.  I called my mom and asked if she wrote down this man’s contact information.  She had, and I gave him a call.  Within a few moments on the phone with him, I KNEW that this was the right realtor to handle the sale of my property!

Mr. John Sullivan, with Huntington and Ellis, has an astounding amount of information about the houses in my neighborhood, their property values, and recent sales.  About a month ago, he sold a house across the street from me; same square footage, same floor plan, same upgrades and amenities, for FOR MORE than my previous realtors advised me to list at.  He told me that my home is in better condition in terms of upkeep and cleanliness.  He talked about marketing strategies that he uses, and feels are effective, as opposed to those used by other realtors which don’t yield any success, whatsoever.  One aspect he brought to my attention was the “photography” used to showcase my house on the MLS.  Not trying to be offensive, but he bluntly pointed out that it does absolutely NOTHING to enhance the property, making it desireable to a potential buyer.  When I told him that the photos were taken by “myself” with my iphone camera, and emailed over to the listing realtor, he was SPEECHLESS that a professional realtor, who is earning a 6% commission on the sale of my home, lacked the willingness to invest in some professional photography to help sell my home.

I explained to John that my listing agreement wout be expiring around the end of December, and I felt most confident with him  becoming my new agent.  I requested an informal meeting between him, my mom,  I before we actually signed a new listing agreement.  John told me that he will be going to England within a couple of days to spend Christmas with his family, but would be available to meet with us on the 28th of December.  For the first time in almost a year, I truly feel that the sale of my home is on a path to success!!!

First Offer on the House

(12/1/2016) I received a phone call from Barbara while subbing at Orr Middle School, informing me that an offer had been made on my house, and was BEYOND ecstatic!   Finally, the house was being taken seriously and, as far as I was concerned, was officially “sold.”  MISSOURI, baby . . . HERE I COME!   I called mom and asked if she, Barbara and I could meet later today to go over the offer and give it the consideration it was due.  She agreed and we all met at my Mom’s house this afternoon.  One of the exciting thing about this offer, which Barbara told me over the phone, was that it was a “cash” offer, which (to me) suggested a wealthy buyer who would more than likely have no problem offering my asking price.  THINK AGAIN!  He offered $188,000 for my house, which was an “insult” in every sense of the word!!!   I think what really “steamed me” was that Barbara told me that it “really is an outstanding offer!”   Upon hearing that, it made me think that Barbara had very little regard for my property and no confidence in the the asking price I set for it.    Knowing that this buyer will never comply, I countered with an offer only $1000.00 less than my asking price.  What started out as a HOPEFUL day, turned into one of sheer disappointment!

.© Mary Darby 2016