Missouri Bound

Change in Real Estate Strategies

I interviewed realtor Mr. Ron Ruthe, and his partner Barbara Reed, and decided to use their agency to relist my house.  I feel “a bit” odd about this, as they gave me the exact same advice as my most recent realtor, Tony.  I’m EXTREMELY discouraged that this house has not yet sold and I have resorted to lowering my price to far less than it is worth!   A word of caution; NEVER put a large amount down on a mortgage in order to keep your monthly payments low!!!  You’ll NEVER recover your investment!

Cancelled Real Estate Listing

(9/24/2016) After seven months of being listed on the MLS with NO OFFERS, I decided to make a shift in strategies.  It recently came to my attention that my cousin sold her home, after only being listed for FOUR DAYS!!!!   Something, must change here!   I contacted my cousin and asked for her realtor’s name and she informed me that in addition to “her” quick sale, this realtor also sold her son’s home in the same short period of time!   I am SOLD!   I contacted my current realtor and requested to cancel my contract with him.  Not that I have anything personally against him, as he has bent over backwards to market my home.  I just feel that a different approach may be what I need.   I “hope” am am making the best decision!

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