Missouri Bound

St. Joseph

(7/7/2016) It is a well known fact that Catholics and Non-Catholics have relied upon the intercessions of St.  Joseph to assist them when trying to sell a home.  Personally, I’ve always regarded this as an insignificant “wifes tale.” However “lately” I’ve been taking the notion a bit more seriously.   According to popular belief, if you bury a St. Joseph statue in your yard, upside down, the chances of selling your home will be drastically enhanced!  My realtor, who is also Catholic, gave me some encouragement regarding this practice, assuring me that several people he knows have had excellent results by following the “ritual” that accompanies the “kit.”  So, . . .  today, I went to the gift shop at St. Francis of Assisi parish and purchased my “St. Joseph Home Seller Kit!”

IMG 2858

IMG 2859

This weekend, I will buy my statue, say the prayer to St. Joseph the Worker, and keep my hopes high for a quick and profitable sale.  


9th Open House

(7/7/2016)  My “ninth” Open House was conducted today, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.   I found it somewhat odd that my realtor wanted to have one in the middle of the week, on a Wednesday; he usually likes to have them on weekends.  I left the house around 1:45 today and, as I was pulling out of the garage, saw a man sitting outside in a BMW who appeared to be “waiting” for someone or something.  I was “hoping” he might be a prospective buyer, waiting for the Open House to start.   Unfortunately, I was wrong about him, as my realtor told me that the only person who attended was a woman who “claimed” to like the house, but would have to come back at another time when her husband was with her.  I know that these open houses are beneficial, as they provide advertisement for the property and an opportunity for people to come, look, and get information.   However, it is getting a bit “old” to be expected to find something in the community to occupy my time with while the house is being displayed for four hours.  I use the time to hang out at my mom’s house, OR the quilt shops.   When I go to the quilt shops, I am almost ALWAYS tempted by buy some new fabric (at times, I give in to these temptations).   Such a dilemma!   I’m about ready to start doing something DRASTIC to help this house sell faster.  What that is . . .  I haven’t figured out yet!!!!   But, I’m “working” on it!!!

8th Open House

Today, my realtor conducted my “eighth” Open House from !0:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Only “one” group of prospective buyers attended, along with a couple of lenders.  Unfortunately, these people were not interested.   Last night, I decided to “lower” the price by $4000.00 to allow for repairs that may come up in the home inspection upon the sale.  I’m starting to get VERY discouraged and “hoping” that this lack of interest is simply due to the immense heat in Las Vegas.   Perhaps when the weather changes, I will have some better luck with buyers.  However, I was hoping to be settled in my new home in Missouri by the end of this summer.

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