Missouri Bound

House Searching in Cape Girardeau

(6/20/2016)  From the moment I decided to “get serious” about selling my home in Las Vegas and moving to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, I have been actively seeking potential properties listed in that area.   I have to remark that in all the time I have been “combing” the MLS listings (since October, 2015), the selections have been quite scant!  Perhaps a lot is due to my own specifications as to “exactly” what I am looking for, but one would “think” that “my” needs would be quite “common” to the average home seeker.  My biggest concern is staying within a prescribed budget; I am determined to buy a home with a considerable smaller mortgage than what I am locked into right now.  I would “prefer” to say below $200,000, however “might be” willing to stretch this purchase between $210,000 and $215, 000.   Anything more would put far too much financial strain on me, limiting my overwhelming zeal for travel and crafts.   Although I fully intend to seek employment in one of the school systems in the Cape Girardeau area, I DO NOT want to be dependent on this income to make my monthly house payment.  The features of my prospective new home, which I REQUIRE are; two story, large lot, basement, attached garage, 3-4 bedrooms.   The aesthetic desires of my new home include a touch of antiquated interior “charm,” lanscaped with flowers, shrubs, and trees, a wood-burning fireplace, “somewhat” out in the country, but not isolated from neighbors, and an attic!  My cousins, Doris Jean and Gary Arnold and their daughter, Cynthia McCullough, live in Cape Girardeau which is where I prefer to live.   There are some outlying towns which I would be willing to settle in if a home meeting my needs was unavailable in Cape; Jackson, Scott City, Farmington, St, Genevieve, and Millersville.  HOWEVER, it’s “Cape Girardeau” that is home to that wonderous, glorious Mississippi River, which has been “calling me” since the day I first laid eyes on it as a small child, and “this” is where I yearn to call “home!”

The pictures below show some homes in the Cape Girardeau area that are currently on the market, and fall “somewhere” within my needs and desires.  A few months ago, the PERFECT HOME was available, however I was unable to act upon it as my house in Las Vegas was not (still not) sold.  As I continue writing in this blog, I will post updates regarding new properties that appear on the MLS.

The house in the photo above is in Millersville; 341 Market St., and is listed at $165,000.

The house in the photo above is in Scott City (address withheld) and is listed at $165,000.

The house in the photo above is in Cape Girardeau, 1401 Koerber Dr. and is listed at $157,500.   I was a bit “shocked” at the low price.   Just have to inquire as to the reason.   Of course, I will not buy any home that has a history of paranormal activity — something that TOTALLY FRIGHTENS ME about buying an older home.

The house in the photo above is in Cape Girardeau, 1560 Lexington Ave., and is listed at $209.950.  Although it is priced higher than I want to spend, I “would” consider it providing its condition, features and resale value.

I fell in love with this property (above) the moment I first viewed it.  It is located in Cape Girardeau and is listed at $254,500.  Although I “could” afford to buy this home, I would be constantly “pinching pennies” and living from paycheck to paycheck, which I DO NOT want to do!  It’s fun to “dream!”  Wonder what the chances are of them dropping the price $50,000 - -  ha ha!!!

Another “beauty,” (above) which is out of my price range.  Located in Cape Girardea, it is listed at $249,900.  A girl can dream, can’t she!!!

The house in the photo above, is more within my budget.  This house is in Cape Girardeau, 1522 Parksite Dr., and is listed at $178,900.   Actually this property would be PERFECT for me if it doesn’t sell before I’m ready to buy!   I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!

The house in the photo above, is out of my price range, but “not” as much as others I’ve viewed.  There is actually a lot of value here, for the money.  It is located in Cape Girardeau, on Lakeshore Drive, and is listed at $225,000.

The home in the photo above is located in Cape Girardeau, at 3714 Old Hopper Road.  It is listed at $194,900 and is a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), which means that there “might” be more value for the price, as there is no realtor’s commission involved.  And, on an even “brighter” note, this might allow me to “sock away” some extra money for my new John Deere riding mower I will need to get for that HUGE LAWN . . . he he!!!

7th Open House

(6/16/2016) Tomorrow afternoon the “7th” open house will be staged on my house!   For the past week, I’ve been cleaning and moving furniture so that it might be more inviting to potential buyers.  My mom thinks I should lower my price “again,” which I am not willing to do.  I believe it would be best to keep the price as it is, at least through the summer.  On Tuesday, I hired a cleaning team to come and give the house a thorough, intensive cleaning.  I sure hope my efforts pay off!   I have “yet” to receive one offer on the house!   I was hoping to be settled in Missouri by now and have my first garden planted, including my pumpkin patch.  I guess I’ll have to wait till the following Autumn to harvest those big,  orange beauties!   I could really use a lesson in patience at this time!

.© Mary Darby 2016