Missouri Bound

My House

(5/30/2016)  Currently, my house is on the MLS, listed for $319,000.00.  I originally listed the house at $325,000.00, which I felt was “low” for the upgrades and improvements that were put on the property since I purchased it.  I was advised by my realtor to lower the price and, as it is, he still feels it is too high.  I’m at a bit of a crossroad and not sure what to do.  Since I’m not in any “dire” hurry to get the house sold, I will leave it on the market at this price, at least through the summer.  So far, there have been FIVE open house sessions, and tomorrow there will be another.  PRAYING for some “nibbles!”


If interested call or text my realtor, Tony Allotta at 702-301-1534

So, What’s in Cape Girardeau?

Since making my decision to move to Cape Girardeau, people keep asking me, “Why Cape Girardeau, of all places in the world?”  Unless one has an appreciation for a small town culture, situated in the midst of rich American history, surrounded by lush foilage and aged trees that have weathered through time, I can see why people question this move.  While searching for information about the Cape Girardeau community, I ran across this video on YouTube.  Please take a few minutes of your time watching it, so I can share with “you” what is so special to “me!"

The Dilemma of “Moving Away"

(6/21/2016)  The greatest mental and emotional agony for me in making this decision to relocate to Missouri is knowing that I will be leaving my mother in Las Vegas.  Over the past years, and especially the last eight months, she and I have had numerous, tearful conversations regarding this most “dreadful” day in our lives.  In spite of the ceaseless efforts I have made pleading with her to make this move with me, she has made it admantly clear that she DOES NOT want to leave Henderson, at her age, and establish roots in a new world.  This grieves me to no end, although I “do” understand her disposition.  She is happy and content living in what has been her home since she was 12 years old.  Most of her siblings reside  in the Las Vegas area, she owns her house outright, and is comfortable with the weather and mild winters that she is used to.  She has, however, promised me that she will spend “half" of the years with me in Cape Girardeau, until the snowy winters begin, before returning to Las Vegas for the remainder.   Sometimes however, in the back of my mind, I hesitate to rely on this promise, knowing her tendency to always want to be “safe” and secure in her own home.  Will she truly be up to making these annual journeys, that her heart will be encouraging her to make?   Is it “right” for me to expect it?

Today, while visiting with her in Henderson she reminded me that she is 79 years old, going on 80, and an overwhelming wave of depression filled my heart!  It dawned on me that at “this” stage in both of our lives, perhaps this IS NOT the time to be moving half way across the country and leaving her alone.  “Right now” is when I should be cherishing every quality moment I have with her, as our days together grow few in number!  How can I even “think” of such a thing!!!   After a tearful conversation with her, my selfless, beautiful mother assured me that I have to follow my own life and its callings.  She firmly understands this desire that has lived inside of me over most of my adult life, and insisted that I “put these notions out of my head” and rely on God to guide my life.  As much as I know she is right, it does not make this decision any easier to contend with.   It is, indeed, a dilemma as I grasp onto the joys of beginning life in a new world, with new friends, in a new culture, knowing that I am growing apart from the one, and only, person in this world who I truly love, who will be permanantely taken from me as time progresses.   It will be a matter for much discernment and prayer over the next few months!

.© Mary Darby 2016