Missouri Bound

Cleaning Day

(3/4/2017) Today is my final visit to 9120 Manalang Rd., and will be met with many mixed emotions.  How proud Mom and I were 13 years ago when the sale closed and I moved in!  Together, we spent many joyful hours carefully picking out paint colors, drapery swatches,  and furniture styles to give the house a sense of inviting warmth, truly turning it into a home!  Now, with the exception of cobwebs in the wall corners, and dust bunnies dancing around on the tile floor, the house is barren and for the first time in my life, looks bleak and dismal.   After saying “goodbye” to many happy memories and fulfilled dreams, Mom and I will spend the day committed to the broom and mop, making a clean and welcome environment for the new inhabitants.  May they love the house as i did, living up to the pride of ownership.


Moving Day


(3/4/2017) The long awaited day of moving out of my house on

Manalang Rod. is finally here!  I never thought it would happen!  Although the house is scheduled to close on March 10th, I’m taking care of moving all of my belongings out today, so that I don’t have to worry about it in the upcoming week as I begin my long-term counseling assignment at Estes McDoniel on Monday.  Not only is the physical move stressful, but I will be temporarily living at my mother’s house until I find a house that I like in Cape Girardeau.  It may take a while, depending on what is available on the market.  It will be a lot of “adjusting” for Mom and I, both, but I’m somewhat looking forward to the closeness of living with her again.  I haven’t lived at home for close to 25 years and it will be nice for a while. I  hope I don’t make her too nervous; hopefully, it will only be for a short while.  

Full Steam Ahead . . .


Here we go . . . . the journey begins!  Since the tentative sale of my home, I have been zealously combing the real estate market in Cape Girardeau!  A few years ago, my cousins suggested that I might consider property in “Jackson,” Missouri, as opposed to Cape Girardeau.  Being quite a bit smaller than Cape, the schools are less crowded and have less tensions.  Unfortunately, the town is “less,” in general and I’ve come to believe that I might not adjust well to such a rural and provencial setting.  There is nowhere to shop or dine out; I’d be driving over to Cape “constantly" to buy essentials, run errands, and eat in restaurants (since I rarely cook for myself).  I have decided that, providing I find a property within my budget and needs, I will “try” and focus on Cape real estate.  Regrettably, the MLS in Cape Girardeau is showing very few prospects that have sparked my interest, as opposed to numerous listings in Jackson which are actually quite exciting to me.  I have decided that during Easter Week, I will fly to Cape, meet with my cousin, and seriously pursue property until I find a place that I can call “home!”  A couple of weeks ago, I committed myself to a long-term subbing position for an elementary counselor, who will be out on Family Medical Leave until the last week in May.  My starting date is March 6th.  Although I can drop everything and fly back NOW, I will lose out on quite a large sum of money, with no guarantee that I will find a property any more suitable than had I waited till Easter Week!.  Keeping focused on “patience is a virtue” sure is difficult when you’re BURSTING with joy!

.© Mary Darby 2016