Missouri Bound


This morning, I heard the music that my heart has been yearning for; a reasonable offer has been made on my home, and I’m THRILLED WITH IT!  The buyers have offered the full asking price, and have asked that I pay the closing costs, which should come to about $5000.00.  Although not thrilled with taking the loss on the closing costs, I firmly believe it’s the best offer that will be coming through in a VERY LONG TIME!   My intuition is telling me to take the offer, walk away from this chapter in my life and move on.  For once in almost a year, moving to Missouri is starting to become a reality to me.  John explained that after he gets the paperwork drawn up, and all signatures secured, the actual “sale” portion of the real estate process will be put into action, and I can expect to close in about one month!

.© Mary Darby 2016