Long Term Sub Position at Goolsby Elementary

Over four weeks in April, I was asked to fill in for the counselor at Goolsby Elementary, who was on family medical leave.  It was “truly” an enlightening learning experience for me, and lended to a “new” interest in addition Elementary Counseling to my current license.  The children were PRECIOUS and I got to know many of them on a first name bases.  I developed and conducted anger management, self-esteem, and friendship making small groups, as well as worked with indivudual students with behavioral and socialization issues.  

Below, is a photo of an “adorable” little boy, who I came to know quite well as he was “constantly” being sent to me for unruly behavior in the classroom.  Stubborn “little fella” at first, be he always came around and respected what I told him.  He loved to color and “cut out” is pictures.  What a little “cutie pie” he is, and I will miss his spirit and sweet smile.

IMG 2604

While I was at Goolsby, the children put on a St. Patrick’s Day pageant, which was themed after “pirates.”  Below are some photos and video clips.  

The little boy doing the solo, in the above clip, was sent to me the day before the performance for counseling to help him through his “stage fright” of the upcoming performance.  Its hard to believe; he seems to be “born” for the stage.

Above, is the “We Got Friends” number.  It depicts the chorus interacting with the main cast, and the lively spirit of a “sea of little leprechauns” in the audience.

Above, is the opening scene of the pageant.  In addition to the chorus, the drum line gives an outstanding performance to set the mood for a typical Caribbean “pirate” day!

The four photos below are of one of my small group sessions on Self Esteem and Friendship Builting.  The group consisted of five students, but only three were present in school that day, which made it “easier” for them to interact with each other.   I gave a brief lesson on “being happy within yourselves” by reading a story about a patchwork colored elephant.  Later, I had them take multicolored patches of construction paper and glue them to a human figure, allowing them to express their “individuality.”  When the session began, they were so quiet you could hear a pin drop.   Toward the end, they had shed their skins of shyness and were talking, laughing, and interacting with each other.

IMG 2594
IMG 2595
IMG 2599
IMG 2598

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